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Is Chicken Liver Good For You? 13 Amazing Benefits

If you’re asking yourself “Is chicken liver good for you?” then firstly I’d like to say fair play to you for stepping outside the boundaries of your garlic-filled breaded chicken breast Kiev – there’s a whole other world outside of muscle meats.

Secondly, you’re in the right place to discover why you should seriously consider getting chicken liver onto your plate and into your belly…

Spoiler alert: your body and brain will thank you!

Of all the liver types, chicken liver and maybe calf liver are the best to start with for any liver newbies. They’re much milder in flavour while still being nutrient-dense – offering a load of health benefits.

I have chicken liver at least once a week, cooked with bacon and bone broth giving me a nutrient boost – and is quick and easy to make… more on this later.

I’ve already discussed the amazing health benefits of beef liver and other organ meats and how they’re what I like to call Mother Nature’s superfoods. They’re essentially the healthiest foods on the planet.

And, chicken liver is no exception – it is right up there with them. Let’s look at what health benefits this nutritional powerhouse offers.

What Are The Health Benefits of Chicken Liver?

Chicken liver contains loads of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals – but what does that mean for you? What does consuming all this goodness give you? Well, let’s dig in and see…

1. Goodbye Sick Days—Be Invincible All Year!

Tired of letting colds steal your thunder? Let’s talk selenium—a game-changing element in chicken liver that turns your immune system into a fortress.

How? Selenium helps create special proteins called antioxidants that clean up harmful substances in your body. This translates to fewer sick days and more time doing what you love. It’s like installing the best security system for your body.

Forget about missing out on life’s moments because you’re wrapped up in a blanket feeling miserable.

2. Stay Sharp and Ace Your Day—Nail Those Brain Gains!

Feel like you’re walking through mental molasses? Wake up that noggin with some chicken liver magic. We’re talking B vitamins—specifically folic acid and vitamin B12.

These nutrients are like your brain’s personal trainers. They help with focus, kick up your mental stamina, and could even boost your mood.

So, whether it’s a killer workday or a puzzling sudoku, you’ll handle it like a boss. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to laser-sharp thinking.

3. Keep Your Eyes Young—Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses!

Fed up with squinting at menus or your phone? Chicken liver’s got your eyes covered. Rich in vitamin A, this humble food is like spa treatment for your peepers. It helps to maintain sharp vision and can even fend off those pesky age-related eye issues like cataracts.

Forget about those dreaded reading glasses or magnifying apps; grab a plate of chicken liver and see the world as it’s meant to be seen.

4. Bones of Steel—Armor Up Your Skeleton!

Afraid of brittle bones putting a damper on your lifestyle? Chicken liver is the hero your bones have been waiting for. Rich in calcium and phosphorus, these minerals work in tandem to give your bones a durability boost.

This is no fairy tale; science shows that these essential nutrients are the building blocks for bone strength. So why settle for fragility when you can have a sturdy frame that keeps up with your adventurous spirit?

5. Unlock Your Full Muscle Potential!

Who doesn’t want strong, chiseled muscles? Chicken liver is your natural gym buddy for serious muscle gains. Jam-packed with essential amino acids and high-quality protein, this underrated superfood helps repair muscle tissue and promotes muscle growth.

Ditch the synthetic protein shakes; chicken liver helps you fuel up the natural way, aiding both muscle strength and endurance. You’ll not only look great but also feel like you can take on the world.

6. Power Through Your Day—No Slumps Allowed!

Tired of that afternoon energy crash? Say hello to a dynamic you with chicken liver. Rich in heme iron, it’s a game-changer for red blood cell formation. These cells are your body’s energy couriers, delivering oxygen to your muscles and brain.

So, not only do you kick that sluggish feeling, but you also gain a mental edge to tackle any challenges that come your way.

7. Flash That Brilliant Smile

Ready for a smile that turns heads? Chicken liver is your go-to for top-notch dental health. Bursting with phosphorus, this food acts as a shield for your teeth, fortifying them against decay and wear.

Thanks to its mineral-rich profile, you can confidently show off your pearly whites without fretting over cavities or enamel loss. It’s your secret weapon for a dazzling, healthy smile.

8. Nourish Your Heart—Let Love, Not Worry, Fill It!

Ever lose sleep over heart health? No more. Chicken liver offers a double-whammy of goodness: healthy fats and essential amino acids.

These nutrients work together to balance cholesterol levels, turning your heart into a smooth-running love machine. Forget worrying about ticker trouble; focus on enjoying life’s heartfelt moments instead.

9. Don’t Waste Nutrients—Make Every Bite Count!

You’re putting in the effort to eat right, so why not get the full payout? Chicken liver brings vitamin C into the mix, a champion at boosting nutrient absorption.

Imagine your body as a sponge, soaking up more minerals and vitamins, making every bite count. No more nutritional short-changes; it’s time for full rewards.

10. Shed Pounds and Boost Energy—Revive Your Thyroid!

Done with the yo-yo diets and the endless energy crashes? Your thyroid might just need a tune-up, and chicken liver is the perfect mechanic.

Packed with essential minerals like selenium, it helps optimize thyroid function, turning you into a fat-burning, energy-surging machine. Say hello to effortless weight loss and a new, more vibrant you.

11. Unlock Radiant Skin

Who says you need pricey creams for glowing skin? Chicken liver’s packed with vitamin E, the all-natural beauty booster.

This fat-soluble vitamin works wonders by supporting cell regeneration and battling oxidative stress, leaving you with smooth, youthful skin you’ll be proud to show off.

12. Stay Youthful and Energized—No More Sick Days!

Who doesn’t want to feel young and stay out of bed, right? Chicken liver gets you both, thanks to its high selenium content.

This potent antioxidant helps combat the signs of aging and bolsters your immune defenses. That means you’re less likely to be down with the flu and more likely to enjoy your best years.

13. Say Goodbye to Tummy Troubles—Feel Great Inside Out!

Fed up with digestive drama? Chicken liver might be the hero you’ve been waiting for. It’s chock-full of essential amino acids that support a healthy gut.

These amino acids act like a wellness team for your intestines, helping with nutrient absorption and smoother digestion.

No more racing to find a bathroom or stressing over what to eat. With chicken liver, you get to focus on enjoying life. Feel lighter, brighter, and ready for anything!

What Is Chicken Liver?

Imagine chicken liver as the bird’s essential nutrient-packed hub. It purifies, stores, and even aids digestion. Consider it the chicken’s all-natural wellness sanctuary.

Back in the day, our ancestors, savvy in ancestral nutrition, consumed the whole animal. From beak to tail, including the liver, they knew this organ was a jackpot of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

Global cuisines honor liver as a culinary staple. Think of the savory chicken liver pâté in France or spicy chicken liver curry offering a unique nutrient boost in Southeast Asia. This organ is like the global ambassador of nutrient-dense foods.

But fast-forward to our processed-food era, chicken liver has turned into ‘grandma’s food,’ missing from most modern dietary choices. Why has this immune-boosting, energy-giving marvel lost its limelight?

The culprit? Today’s diets, loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, prioritize instant gratification over long-term health benefits. It’s time to redirect our focus and elevate this gut-health hero to its rightful place.

Is Chicken Liver Good For You: Nutritional Profile

Let’s dive into the world of chicken liver nutrition, a topic that deserves more spotlight than it usually gets. Bursting with fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A & D and other vitamins like C and the full range of vitamin B.

This humble organ meat is your go-to for an array of health benefits, from boosting immune system function to enhancing gut health.

Don’t let its old-school reputation fool you; it’s a powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, and essential minerals that can make a big difference in your wellness journey. Compared to more popular dietary choices packed with sugar and artificial ingredients, chicken liver offers a nutrient boost that’s second to none.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your energy levels or fine-tune your ancestral nutrition, chicken liver is a choice you won’t regret. It’s high time we give this nutrient-dense, immune-boosting, and energy-giving marvel the limelight it deserves in modern diets.

NutrientQuantity per 3.5oz (100g)RDA
Vitamin A14,378 IU*3000 IU (Men), 2333 IU (Women)
Vitamin D8 IU**600 IU
Vitamin C2.7 mg*90 mg (Men), 75 mg (Women)
Heme Iron12.9 mg*8 mg (Men), 18 mg (Women)
Zinc4.0 mg*11 mg (Men), 8 mg (Women)
Protein25.8 g*Varies
Selenium88.2 mcg*55 mcg
Copper500 mcg*900 mcg
Folate560 mcg*400 mcg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)0.3 mg*1.2 mg (Men), 1.1 mg (Women)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)2.3 mg*1.3 mg (Men), 1.1 mg (Women)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)13.9 mg*16 mg (Men), 14 mg (Women)
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)9.68 mg***5 mg
Vitamin B60.8 mg*1.3 mg
Vitamin B1221.1 mcg*2.4 mcg

*source https://www.eatthismuch.com/food/nutrition/chicken-liver,634/

How To Get Chicken Livers Into Your Diet

So you’re convinced, you want to swap out that chicken thigh for chicken liver. But where do you start in getting this organ meat into your diet?

Fortunately there are a load of options, I’ve listed a few easy ones below. Firstly, the basics of cooking liver.


To reduce the livery taste, soak the liver in either milk or lemon juice overnight, it’ll make the taste much milder.

The Basics of Cooking Liver

Cooking liver isn’t difficult, but you can easily get it wrong and make it dry and taste far too livery. Get it wrong and your liver journey may end as quickly as it started.

The trick is in heat and timing.

  1. Firstly cut up your chicken livers. Slice them to around 1/4″ or 6mm thick. Salt now or after it’s cooked.
  2. Get a nice hot pan – somewhere around 75% of max heat to get a nice sizzle – carefully add the chicken livers to the pan then add some butter.
  3. Cook for no more than a minute before turning.
  4. Again cook for no more than a minute on this side.
  5. That’s it! The aim here is to have nicely browned chicken liver on the outside while still pink in the middle. If it’s brown inside, you’ve cooked them for too long.

Chicken Livers Recipe Suggestions

So, now you know how to get the perfectly cooked chicken livers, let’s look at some simple recipes to get you eating chicken liver.

Chicken Liver and Onions

A classic, comfort food favorite! Sauté chicken livers with sliced onions and a generous sprinkle of your favorite herbs. Finish with a splash of wine if you like.

Chicken Liver and Bacon

Very similar to the above but a more meaty version – this is my personal favorite. I fry up a pack of smoked streaky bacon, add a cup of bone broth, and reduce before adding chicken livers. Season to taste and boom… a super nutrient-rich and tasty meal.

Grilled Chicken Liver Stewers

Perfect for barbecue season! Marinate the livers in a blend of spices and herbs, then grill them to perfection.

Chicken Liver Pâté

The most popular out of the lot – this creamy spread is perfect on crusty bread. Made with butter, garlic, and a splash of brandy, it’s a classic way to enjoy chicken liver.

Chicken Liver and Scrambled Eggs

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Dice the chicken livers and cook in a hot pan. Brown the outside leaving the inside pink – it’ll only take a few seconds. Add to your scrambled eggs and enjoy.

Other Options

Let’s face it, liver is an acquired taste with a very strong flavor. Getting kids to eat chicken liver may be particularly tricky.

So, if the taste of eating cooked chicken liver is still too much then perhaps try this little trick.

Try finely chopping it up and throwing it in such things as bolognese sauce, burger patties, lasagne, chili con carne, or… there are many options.

This is a great way of getting chicken livers, beef liver, or any other type of liver in your diet, making the most of the vital nutrients this organ meat has to offer.

As a final option, if none of the above works for you, you can take desiccated liver supplements. This is essentially pure liver in tablet form – all of the goodness and none of the taste.

Mostly available as beef liver as opposed to chicken – quality is of most importance when choosing one. I’ve done a comprehensive review of the best beef liver supplements on the market with only those that are 100% grass-fed, non-GMO, non-defatted, gelatine-only capsules, and 3rd party tested.


So there it is; my best effort to get you eating liver so you can get all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it has to offer – did it work? I hope so!

As you’ll have learned, liver – which I consider the king of organ meats – is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s Mother Nature’s ultimate multivitamin but in a highly absorbable form. One that our body has been finely tuned over years of evolution to digest and wring out all the goodness in its most active form.

You now know how to cook it properly along with a few easy recipes to start you off. Plus how to disguise it – if taste is a problem. And, as a last resort, getting the nutritional benefits via supplements.

And why does it have to stop there? What about beef liver benefits? Don’t forget about the other organ meats such as kidney, heart, or even brain. There is a whole world of offal delights to be discovered if you’re brave enough… Enjoy!

FAQs: Chicken Liver

How often should you eat chicken livers?

Chicken livers, as well as other livers, are very high in vitamin A. So it’s suggested to limit eating liver to 1 to 2 times per week to not get too much vitamin A. Although cases of vitamin A toxicity from over eating chicken liver is rare to non-existent.

Why do I feel better after eating chicken liver?

Chicken liver is packed full of nutrients your body craves so your body will thank you for eating it. Packed full of loads of amino acids, vitamins and minerals you’ll get a much needed nutritional boost.

Is chicken liver healthier than beef?

Beef liver is more potent than chicken liver but it’s marginal. Chicken liver is not to be sniffed at for its nutritional value.

Is chicken liver a superfood?

Hell yea it is! It’s what I like to call Mother Nature’s superfood – packed full of bio-available vitamins and minerals.

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