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The Best Sauna Blankets: To Suit Your Needs and Budget [2024]

Are you looking for a way to bring the soothing, detoxifying heat of a sauna into your own home?

Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm cocoon of relaxation, melting away stress and muscle aches without ever leaving your living room. Sounds dreamy, right?

That’s where the magic of infrared sauna blankets comes in.

Infrared sauna blankets are a game-changer in the world of wellness. These innovative devices offer all the benefits of a traditional sauna but with added convenience and versatility.

Whether you’re aiming to boost your blood circulation, relieve chronic pain, or simply enjoy a luxurious sweat session, there’s an infrared sauna blanket out there for you.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one? What makes one sauna blanket better than another?

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of sauna blankets, exploring the top picks for 2024, understanding how they work, and learning how to use and maintain them.

Ready to find out which sauna blanket is your perfect match? Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the best sauna blankets!

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What is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

A far infrared sauna blanket is a modern wellness device designed to replicate the experience of a traditional sauna in a more convenient, portable format.

Using far-infrared technology, these blankets emit infrared rays that penetrate the skin, heating the body directly rather than the air around it. This method provides a host of health benefits without the need for a bulky, expensive sauna room.

Advantages Over Full-Size Saunas

Portability and Convenience: Infrared sauna blankets are lightweight and easy to store, perfect for home use. Unlike full-size saunas, these blankets can be rolled up and used anywhere – in your living room, bedroom, or even while traveling.

Cost-Effective: Infrared sauna blankets are much more affordable than full-size saunas, which often cost thousands of dollars, providing a budget-friendly alternative with similar benefits.

Efficient Heating: These blankets heat the body directly, making them more efficient and comfortable than traditional saunas, which heat the air around you.

Health Benefits: They offer improved blood circulation, pain relief, muscle recovery, detoxification, and stress relief, contributing to overall well-being.

User-Friendly: Features like remote controls, multiple heat settings, built-in timers, and safety auto shut-off make them easy to use.

Versatility: Suitable for relaxation, recovery, and overall health improvement, making them a valuable addition to any wellness routine.

The Best Infrared Sauna Blankets: Top Picks for 2024

There are many infrared sauna blankets on the market so picking one that suits your needs can be daunting. Below I’ve made it easy for you to select one to suit your needs.

Best Overall: Reviiv Sauna Blanket Pro V3.0

Reviiv is known for providing accessible and effective wellness products designed to enhance your daily routine. Their mission is to offer affordable and high-quality infrared sauna blankets that deliver the benefits of a full-sized sauna without the need for extensive space or a significant investment.

The Reviiv Sauna Blanket Pro V3.0 provides penetrating infrared heat that soothes sore and achy muscles after a workout, aids in quicker recovery, and can help in burning calories during a session.

Product Features

  • Far-Infrared Heating: Deep penetration for effective detoxification
  • Temperature Range: Adjustable from 85°F to 185°F
  • Bonus Cotton Insert Towel: For comfort and easy cleaning
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Safe and environmentally friendly
  • User-Friendly Remote Control: Easy to adjust temperature and timer
  • Portable Design: Includes a carry bag for easy storage and transport
  • Dimensions: 71” x 63”, suitable for various body sizes

Key Benefits

  • Detoxification: Removes toxins efficiently compared to regular saunas
  • Calorie Burn: Burns up to 600 calories per session
  • Pain Relief: Reduces muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Stress Reduction: Lowers cortisol levels for a more relaxed state
  • Improved Skin Health: Enhances circulation and skin appearance


The Reviiv Sauna Blanket Pro V3.0 is priced at $249, making it a highly affordable option compared to other infrared sauna blankets.

My Take

The Reviiv Sauna Blanket Pro V3.0 is an excellent all-rounder for those looking to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna therapy without a significant financial commitment.

Its comprehensive features, such as a wide temperature range and included cotton insert towel, make it a great value for the price.

It’s particularly suitable for users who are new to infrared saunas or those who need a portable and efficient solution.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price point
  • Effective detoxification and calorie-burning
  • Includes a comfortable cotton insert towel
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Broad temperature range


  • None

Best for Low EMF Exposure: SunHome Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket

SunHome Saunas is a leading brand in the wellness industry, known for its commitment to high-quality, non-toxic, and effective products.

Their mission is to provide accessible and affordable wellness solutions that promote overall health and relaxation.

The company is renowned for its innovative infrared technology, which is highly recommended by health practitioners and athletes alike.

Product Features

  • EMF-Shielding Technology: Lowest EMF levels in the industry
  • Industrial-Grade Zippers: Secure heat retention
  • Easy Climate & Timer Controls: User-friendly interface
  • Premium Non-Toxic Fabrics: Safe and durable materials
  • Portable & Easy to Clean: Convenient for home use and travel
  • Doctor-Recommended: Endorsed by health professionals
  • Dimensions: 71” x 63”
  • Temperature Range: 95°F to 167°F
  • Timer Settings: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Power: 500 Watts

Key Benefits

  • Low EMF Exposure: Safe for prolonged use
  • Detoxification: Promotes sweating to remove toxins
  • Improved Blood Circulation: Enhances cardiovascular health
  • Pain Relief: Alleviates muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Stress Relief: Reduces cortisol levels and promotes relaxation
  • Convenient Portability: Easy to store and carry


The SunHome Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket is priced at $499, including free shipping and a one-year warranty.

My Take

The SunHome Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket stands out for its low EMF emissions, making it a safe option for regular use.

Its comprehensive features, such as user-friendly controls and premium materials, offer a top-tier wellness experience.

It’s an excellent investment for anyone seeking the benefits of infrared saunas without the bulk and expense of a full-size sauna.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely low EMF levels
  • Easy to use and control
  • High-quality, non-toxic materials
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Wide temperature range


  • Takes a few minutes to heat up
  • Only available in black currently

Best Premium Product: HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

HigherDose is a wellness brand dedicated to enhancing self-care routines through innovative technologies. Their mission is to make the rejuvenating benefits of infrared therapy accessible at home.

HigherDose products, including their popular infrared sauna blanket, are designed to promote longevity and vitality by leveraging the healing power of nature.

Product Features

  • Non-toxic PU Leather Body: Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Far Infrared Heat: Deeply penetrating heat for effective therapy
  • Charcoal, Clay & Magnetic Layers: Enhanced detoxification and heat balancing
  • Crystal Therapy: Amethyst and tourmaline for natural negative ion generation
  • Low EMF & ELF: Safe, low radiation levels
  • Industrial Zipper: Easy to use and secure

Key Benefits

  • Glowing Skin: Improved circulation enhances skin health
  • Deep Relaxation: Promotes a state of calm with grounding layers
  • Boosts Circulation: Increased heart rate and blood flow
  • Detoxifies: Supports the body’s natural detox processes
  • Burns Calories: Similar effects to a workout session
  • Muscle Recovery: Aids in post-exercise recovery


The HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket is priced at $699. Financing options are available through platforms like Klarna and Afterpay.

My Take

The HigherDose Sauna Blanket offers a luxurious at-home spa experience. Its multiple layers of innovative materials provide enhanced benefits beyond basic infrared heat.

Despite its higher price, the blanket’s premium features and effective performance make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about their wellness routine.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality, non-toxic materials
  • Effective and comfortable heat distribution
  • Comprehensive detox and relaxation benefits
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and portable


  • High cost compared to other sauna blankets
  • No carrying case included

Best Budget Option: Lifepro BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket

Lifepro is dedicated to providing accessible and effective wellness solutions. Their mission focuses on enhancing overall well-being through innovative technology and affordable products.

The BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket exemplifies this commitment, offering a budget-friendly way to enjoy the benefits of infrared therapy at home.

Product Features

  • Far-Infrared Heating: Effective for deep penetration and detoxification
  • User-Friendly Remote: Easy temperature and timer control
  • Zippered Arm Holes: Optional ventilation and usability
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and easy to store
  • Temperature Range: 113°F to 176°F
  • Timer Settings: 30 to 60 minutes

Key Benefits

  • Detoxification: Helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals
  • Boosts Metabolism: Supports calorie burning and fitness goals
  • Pain Relief: Alleviates muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Stress Reduction: Promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels
  • Improves Skin Health: Enhances skin appearance through better circulation


The Lifepro BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket is priced at $179.99, making it an excellent budget option without compromising on quality.

My Take

The Lifepro BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket stands out for its affordability and effectiveness. It’s user-friendly and portable, making it ideal for those with limited space or budget.

Despite its lower price, it offers many of the same benefits as higher-end models, making it a great entry-level option for infrared therapy.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Effective temperature range
  • Zippered arm holes for added comfort


  • The material feels less premium compared to higher-end models
  • Limited color options

Best for Advanced Features: Hydragun HeatPod Sauna Blanket

Hydragun is a performance technology startup focused on providing innovative solutions for physical and mental peak performance.

Their HeatPod Infrared Sauna Blanket is designed to deliver full-body infrared heat therapy, helping users recover faster, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

The company’s mission is to make high-quality, effective wellness products accessible to everyone.

Product Features

  • Zero-EMF Carbon Fiber Coils: Safe and effective heating
  • Wide Temperature Range: Adjustable from 86°F to 176°F
  • Even Heat Distribution: Carbon fiber coils ensure consistent heat
  • Premium Vegan Leather: Durable, sweat-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Triple-Protective Cotton Lining: Insulating and comfortable
  • Precision Control: Precise temperature and duration settings

Key Benefits

  • Improves Circulation: Enhances cardiovascular health
  • Reduces Inflammation: Activates heat shock proteins to protect cells
  • Boosts Recovery: Increases growth hormone production post-workout
  • Lowers Stress: Reduces cortisol levels and promotes better sleep
  • Anti-Aging: Promotes cellular repair and regeneration
  • Enhances Mood: Increases production of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins


The Hydragun HeatPod Infrared Sauna Blanket is priced at $499, with additional options for bundled purchases that can save you money.

My Take

The Hydragun HeatPod stands out for its advanced features and high-quality construction. Its zero-EMF carbon fiber coils and precision control offer a safe and highly customizable experience.

This blanket is particularly suited for athletes and anyone looking to maximize their recovery and overall health benefits.

Despite its higher price, the range of features and superior build quality make it a worthwhile investment.

Pros and Cons


  • Zero-EMF technology for safe use
  • Wide temperature range with precise control
  • Durable, easy-to-clean materials
  • Effective for stress relief and muscle recovery
  • Portable and user-friendly design


  • Higher price compared to some other options
  • May be too advanced for casual users

Best for Athletes: MiHigh Infrared Sauna Blanket V2

MiHigh is a brand dedicated to bringing the spa experience into the comfort of your own home.

Known for its focus on recovery and wellness, MiHigh designs products that are used and endorsed by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Their mission is to make high-quality infrared therapy accessible and affordable for everyone.

Product Features

  • Far-Infrared Heating: Deeply penetrates for effective detoxification
  • Temperature Range: Adjustable from 95°F to 167°F
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Waterproof and sweat-resistant PU leather
  • User-Friendly Remote Control: Easy temperature and timer settings
  • Portable Design: Includes a carry bag for easy storage and transport
  • Timer Settings: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Dimensions: 71” x 55”, suitable for heights up to 6’5″

Key Benefits

  • Detoxification: Removes more toxins compared to regular saunas
  • Calorie Burn: Burns up to 600 calories per session
  • Pain Relief: Alleviates muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Improves Skin: Promotes better skin health by increasing blood flow and collagen production
  • Reduces Stress: Lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin and dopamine
  • Better Sleep: Helps produce melatonin for improved sleep quality


The MiHigh Infrared Blanket V2 is priced at $499, often available with discounts and bundles.

My Take

The MiHigh’s Infrared Sauna Blanket V2 is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their recovery routine.

It combines advanced features with a user-friendly design, making it suitable for both athletes and anyone seeking the benefits of infrared therapy.

Its portability and comprehensive heating options offer a flexible, spa-like experience at home.

Pros and Cons


  • Effective detoxification and calorie-burning
  • High-quality, non-toxic materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Portable and includes a carry bag
  • Broad temperature range with precise control


  • Higher initial cost compared to some other models
  • Requires a flat surface for optimal use

How Do Infrared Sauna Blankets Work?

Infrared sauna blankets use infrared rays to heat your body directly, rather than heating the air around you. Here’s a simple breakdown of how they work:

  1. Infrared Rays Penetrate the Skin: Unlike traditional saunas, infrared blankets emit infrared light, which penetrates the skin and heats the body from the inside out. This deep heat reaches muscles, joints, and tissues.
  2. Increased Core Temperature: As the infrared rays penetrate your body, they increase your core temperature. This mimics the effects of physical exercise, causing you to sweat intensely.
  3. Detoxification: The deep sweating induced by the infrared heat helps eliminate toxins from the body. This includes heavy metals, chemicals, and other impurities stored in fat cells.
  4. Enhanced Circulation: The heat from the infrared rays improves blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to tissues. This helps in faster muscle recovery and reduces inflammation.
  5. Calorie Burning: As your body works to cool itself down, it burns calories, which can aid in weight loss. A session can burn anywhere from 200 to 600 calories.
  6. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: The soothing warmth helps lower cortisol levels, promoting relaxation and better sleep quality.

By directly heating your body, infrared sauna blankets provide a range of health benefits more efficiently and comfortably compared to traditional saunas.

The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Blankets

Infrared sauna blankets offer a multitude of health benefits, combining the convenience of home use with the therapeutic effects of infrared heat. Here are some key benefits:

1. Aids Pain Relief

Infrared sauna blankets target pain at its source by penetrating deep into muscles and joints. This deep heat therapy improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and relaxes muscles, providing relief from chronic pain and discomfort.

2. Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Infrared heat enhances muscle recovery by promoting increased blood circulation and delivering more oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. This accelerates recovery time and reduces muscle soreness.

3. Detoxification and Immune System Support

Sweating induced by infrared sauna blankets helps cleanse the skin of impurities and toxins, boosting the immune system and overall health. Enhanced circulation aids in the removal of impurities from the body, contributing to a natural detox process.

4. Improved Sleep Quality and Stress Reduction

The soothing warmth of infrared sauna blankets promotes relaxation, lowers cortisol levels, and encourages the production of sleep hormones like melatonin. This can lead to improved sleep quality and reduced stress.

5. Boosting Heart Health

Infrared heat improves cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate, improving circulation, and enhancing oxygen supply. This can lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

6. Supporting Weight Loss Efforts

Infrared sauna blankets can boost metabolism and increase core body temperature, leading to higher calorie burn. A single session can burn between 200 to 600 calories, similar to a 40-minute jog.

7. Detoxifies the Skin

Regular use of infrared sauna blankets opens pores and helps expel impurities, leading to clearer, more radiant skin. The increased sweating aids in the natural detoxification process.

8. Promoting Collagen Production

Infrared radiation stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving skin firmness and reducing signs of aging. This can result in firmer, smoother skin with regular use.

9. Enhanced Joint and Musculoskeletal Health

Infrared heat relaxes muscles and relieves tension around joints, reducing pain and increasing mobility. This is particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

For more details on the benefits of infrared sauna blankets, check out my article.

A Buyers Guide: Key Features to Consider

When choosing an infrared sauna blanket, several key features can enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of your investment. Here’s what to look for:

1. Temperature Range

Look for a blanket with a wide temperature range to customize your sessions according to your comfort and needs.

2. Heat Settings

Multiple heat settings allow for personalized sessions, making the blanket versatile for different users.

3. Material Quality

Ensure the blanket is made from non-toxic, durable materials. Sweat-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics are a plus.

4. Safety Features

Opt for blankets with low EMF emissions and safety features like auto shut-off to prevent overheating.

5. Portability

A lightweight design with a convenient carrying bag makes it easy to store and transport, perfect for those with limited space.

6. User-Friendly Controls

A remote control with clear, easy-to-use settings enhances the convenience of adjusting temperature and timer settings.

7. Size and Fit

Ensure the blanket dimensions suit your height and body type for maximum comfort during use.

By considering these features, you can choose an infrared sauna blanket that best fits your lifestyle and wellness goals.

Conclusion: The Best Sauna Blanket

Infrared sauna blankets are a game-changer for at-home wellness. They offer a load of benefits, from pain relief and detoxification to improved sleep and stress reduction.

With features like customizable temperature settings, non-toxic materials, and easy portability, there’s an option for everyone.

Ready to dive into the world of infrared therapy?

Take the plunge and order your own infrared sauna blanket today so you can start taking sauna sessions in your own home.

For more insights, check out my articles on the benefits of infrared sauna blankets and the benefits of infrared saunas. Your journey to better health starts now!

And that’s it… have a healthy day!


Are sauna blankets worth it?

Yes, sauna blankets are worth it for their convenience, affordability, and numerous health benefits, including detoxification, pain relief, improved circulation, and stress reduction, all from the comfort of your home.

How do I choose a sauna blanket?

Choose a sauna blanket by considering factors like temperature range, heat settings, material quality, safety features, portability, user-friendly controls, and size to ensure it fits your needs and preferences.

What are the disadvantages of a sauna blanket?

Disadvantages include the initial cost, potential overheating if not used properly, and the need for regular cleaning. Some may find them less effective compared to traditional saunas.

What is the best-infrared sauna blanket for pain?

The HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket is often recommended for pain relief due to its deep-penetrating heat, high-quality materials, and multiple heat settings that target muscle and joint discomfort effectively.

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