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The 9 Best Meat Subscription Box Services [2024]: 100% Grass-fed & Pasture Raised

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll appreciate how precious time is. So, subscription services – whether they be for razors or meat – are perfect for saving time and hassle.

Plus, if you care about the stuff you put into your gob, where it comes from, and if the once-living beast had a good life, then choosing the best meat subscription box service is important.

In this post, we’re slicing into the best meat subscription boxes out there. Picture this: mouth-watering ground beef for your tacos, juicy sirloin steaks, succulent pasture-raised chicken for your Sunday roast, and maybe even some wild-caught seafood to mix things up.

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about savoring high-quality meat, from grass-fed beef to humanely raised pork. Whether planning a barbecue or just stocking up your freezer, these services offer a cornucopia of meaty delights.

There are many meat delivery services, so, let’s embark on this carnivorous journey together and find out what are the best meat delivery services out there. Get ready to grill, roast, and sear your way to meaty bliss!

What Are Meat Subscription Box Services?

Meat subscription box services are like culinary Santa Clauses for meat lovers, delivering a variety of high-quality meats right to your door.

They’re a modern solution for those who value convenience and quality in their meat consumption.

These services allow you to choose from a range of meats, like tender chicken breasts, sirloin steaks, dry-aged ground beef, pork chops, wild-caught seafood, and even exotic cuts. With options for grass-fed, pasture-raised, and organic selections, these meat subscription boxes cater to all tastes and preferences.

They’re perfect for busy foodies, grill masters, or anyone looking to elevate their home cooking with top-notch meats. In short, meat subscription boxes bring the butcher shop to your doorstep.

The Best Meat Subscription Boxes

1. White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures, championing regenerative and humane farming since 1995, operates a zero-waste model while employing over 155 individuals. This farm has transformed from industrial practices to a symbiotic ecosystem with 10 animal species, promoting a living, thriving environment.

Their commitment extends beyond providing quality meats and poultry; they creatively utilize cattle hides for pet chews and leather goods, and transform cattle fat into pure tallow products. Inedible parts are composted to enrich the soil, embodying a full-circle sustainability ethos.

Their farming practices allow animals to exhibit natural behaviors such as roaming and grazing, a stark contrast to typical industrial confinement methods. Unique in their approach, they process both red meat and poultry on-farm, emphasizing their regenerative agriculture commitment.

White Oak Pastures also plays a crucial role in revitalizing Bluffton, Georgia, boosting employment and community vitality. As a Global Savory Hub, they contribute to grassland restoration and carbon capture, underlining their holistic approach to farming, community welfare, and environmental stewardship.

Availability & Shipping

White Oak Pastures delivers to 48 states. They have a sliding scale of shipping costs depending on where you are – see map and here for more information.

Ground Shipping

  • Free on orders over $249
  • $15 on orders between $150 and $249
  • $20 on orders under $149

Express Shipping

  • Calculated per pound per mile by their shipping providers UPS and FedEX.

Key Benefits

  • Great Selection
  • Zero-Waste Farming
  • Humane Animal Practices
  • Quality Meat and Poultry
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Community Impact
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Holistic Approach
  • Diverse Product Range
  • Local and Ethical Sourcing
my take

My top-pick… perfect for eco-conscious consumers. Its zero-waste, regenerative approach is commendable, though the higher cost and limited selection are factors to consider.

2. ButcherBox

ButcherBox, a premium meat delivery service, is renowned for its ethical and sustainable approach. They offer a diverse selection of high-quality cuts like 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood, all delivered conveniently to your door with free shipping.

Their meats are sourced from regions known for high animal welfare standards, particularly Australia, known for pasture-raised meats.

The service’s flexibility and value are standout features, catering to various preferences and schedules. ButcherBox’s commitment to animal welfare is evident in their sourcing practices, ensuring that cattle are grass-fed and free to roam, a sharp departure from conventional grain-fed methods.

Their poultry and pork are raised under natural conditions and sustainable farming methods, with chickens enjoying free-range lifestyles and GAP 3 certification, and pork coming from heritage breeds with an all-vegetarian diet.

ButcherBox’s seafood selection, including sustainably harvested salmon and lobster, adheres to strict standards for sustainability. Additionally, their turkey and bison, sourced from U.S. family farms, emphasize regenerative grazing practices.

The company’s ethos extends to fair labor practices, collaborating with facilities inspired by Dr. Temple Grandin’s humane methods, underlining their dedication to animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of farmers and workers.

Availability & Shipping

ButcherBox delivers to 48 states and delivery is free on all orders.

Key Benefits

  • Simple Box Options
  • Ethical Meat Delivery Service
  • Variety of High-Quality Cuts
  • Convenience and Value
  • Humanely Raised Meat
  • Sourced from High-Welfare Regions
  • Sustainable Farming Methods
  • Sustainably Harvested Seafood
  • Support for Family Farms
  • Committed to Fair Labor Practices
  • Supports Animal Welfare and Environmental Sustainability
my take

A versatile choice for meat lovers valuing both quality and convenience. Offers a diverse range of ethically sourced meats and simple subscription service.

3. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow, established in 2015 as a meat delivery service, focuses on connecting consumers with their food through taste, transparency, and convenience. This service partners with ethical farms, fisheries, and producers globally, sourcing high-quality, sustainable options like free-range organic chicken and pasture-raised beef.

Their commitment to quality involves handpicking and taste-testing every product to ensure only the finest reaches the customer.

Their approach emphasizes sustainability, shipping products frozen at peak freshness in 100% recyclable packaging and compostable insulation, drastically reducing food waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.

Crowd Cow’s operations, from sourcing to delivery, are designed to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.

More than just a service, Crowd Cow represents a movement towards food transparency, offering products that benefit the consumer, the planet, the animals, and the producers.

Customers of Crowd Cow are thus part of a community that values the quality, origin, and ethical sourcing of their food, contributing to a more conscientious and sustainable food system.

Availability & Shipping

Crowd Cow delivers to 48 states and is free to members on orders over $125.

Key Benefits

  • Enticing first order incentives
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Taste and Quality Focus
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Food Transparency
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Community Engagement
  • Convenience
my take

Ideal for those who prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainability. Its global range of meats and seafood offers a unique culinary experience, albeit at a premium price.

4. Silver Fern Farms

Founded in 1948, Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading provider of premium lamb, beef, and venison, emphasizing environmental sustainability and humane animal treatment.

Collaborating with around 16,000 family farmers, they uphold values of care and respect in farming, making them a prominent member of New Zealand’s Climate Leaders Coalition.

Silver Fern Farms is pioneering in sustainability, being the first in New Zealand to measure and verify their carbon footprint. They aim to reduce emissions from their operations by 30% by 2030, in line with New Zealand’s net zero carbon goal.

Their animal welfare standards are stringent, with 99% of livestock meeting the New Zealand Farm Assurance Program standards, and a strict policy against growth hormones.

Their ‘Net Carbon Zero by Nature’ initiative, a first in New Zealand, reflects their commitment to sustainability.

This program uses satellite technology and machine learning for farm emissions measurement and carbon capture through on-farm vegetation, certified by Toitū Envirocare.

Silver Fern Farms’ approach extends beyond just meat production. They embody a holistic philosophy that integrates animal welfare, environmental health, and community wellbeing, producing meat that is as sustainably and ethically sourced as it is flavorful and tender.

Availability & Shipping

Silver Fern Farms delivers to 48 states.

  • Free on orders over $200
  • $24 on orders between $150 and $199
  • $29 on orders under $150

Key Benefits

  • Premier New Zealand Meat Provider
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Humane Animal Treatment
  • Collaboration with Family Farmers
  • Net Zero Carbon Goal
  • High Animal Welfare Standards
  • No Growth Hormones Policy
  • Net Carbon Zero Initiative
  • Community-Oriented Approach
  • High-Quality, Ethical Meat
my take

A great option for those who appreciate New Zealand’s premium quality lamb, beef, and venison. Their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare is impressive, though the focus is more on specific types of meat.

5. Market House

Market House, established by friends passionate about quality meats and seafood, revolutionizes the modern marketplace with a focus on sustainable food production, digital innovation, and superior customer service.

Inspired by the need for better quality than grocery store offerings, Market House brings the experience of traditional 19th-century market houses to the digital age, offering premium meats and seafood with the convenience of direct shipping.

Tracing its roots to 1903 and the Mettler family’s commitment to fresh food, Market House upholds values of personal service and quality.

Their approach combines the authenticity of a neighborhood butcher with modern convenience, providing products directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Reinforcing their commitment, Market House features selections directed by James Beard® Award-winning chef Tim McKee, focusing on steering consumers away from factory farming towards more sustainable practices.

Customers can expect quick, overnight shipping, with all orders flash-frozen for quality in eco-friendly packaging. Market House encourages responsible consumption and recycling of packaging, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and customer care.

Availability & Shipping

Market House delivers to 50 states.

Free next day shipping on orders over $150. Standard UPS shipping rates are applicable for orders under $150.

Key Benefits

  • Quality Meats and Seafood
  • Sustainable Food Production
  • Digital Innovation
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Direct Shipping
  • Heritage of Fresh Food
  • Curated by Experts
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Quick, Overnight Shipping
  • Safe Handling Guidelines
my take

Market House stands out for its fusion of tradition and modern convenience. Ideal for those seeking high-quality meats and seafood with the added benefit of quick, direct shipping. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices and expert selection by a renowned chef adds to their appeal.

6. Pre

Pre Brands stands out with its “Beef Done Differently™” commitment, focusing on 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, raised without added antibiotics, hormones, BPA, or GMOs.

Their beef is presented in unique vacuum-sealed packaging to highlight its flavor and tenderness, and it complies with various dietary standards, including Halal, Whole30, Paleo, and Keto.

Rooted in a philosophy that high-quality beef stems from the holistic treatment of cattle, Pre works exclusively with farmers dedicated to true grass feeding and finishing.

This approach fosters regenerative farming and rotational grazing, contributing to a tastier and environmentally friendly product.

Pre’s health-conscious beef is leaner and lower in fat than grain-fed alternatives, enriched with vitamins and Omega-3s. Sourced from regions like Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S., known for nutrient-rich grasses and high cattle-raising standards, their beef adheres to the five freedoms for animal welfare, ensuring ethical and natural rearing environments.

Pre’s rigorous selection process includes 15 points of curation, focusing on source, breed, diet, and quality, primarily using Angus and Hereford breeds.

Their sustainable transportation involves wet-aging beef and shipping by sea freight to minimize carbon footprint, with processing in Chicago. Their commitment to non-GMO practices is reinforced through third-party audits, embodying their dedication to health, quality, and sustainability.

Availability & Shipping

Pre delivers to 48 states.

Shipping costs TBC – I’ve asked for confirmation and will update once confirmed.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef
  • Free from Harmful Additives
  • Diverse Dietary Compliance
  • Environmentally Friendly Farming
  • Health-Conscious Beef
  • Ethical Animal Welfare Standards
  • Meticulous Selection Process
  • Sustainable Transportation Practices
  • Third-Party Non-GMO Verification
my take

Great for beef enthusiasts who prefer grass-fed options. Focuses on quality and ethical practices, but lacks variety beyond beef, although I like the simplicity of the limited choices.

7. Good Chop

Good Chop distinguishes itself as an online butcher dedicated to trust, quality, and sustainability, delivering high-quality meat and seafood from U.S.-based family farms and fisheries. Committed to responsible raising practices, their products are free from antibiotics and added hormones.

Their beef, sourced from American family farms, includes marbled, flavorful Angus breeds, available in both USDA Prime and 100% grass-fed options. Raised on open ranges and finished on a vegetarian diet, Good Chop’s beef is known for its tenderness and juiciness.

For pork, Good Chop exclusively sources from American farms focused on animal welfare. Their hogs are raised in climate-controlled barns on a 100% vegetarian diet, adhering to the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program standards.

Their chicken, from Nebraska and Iowa farms, is fed a vegetarian diet without confinement, ensuring stress-reduced, high-quality meat.

Good Chop’s seafood, including wild-caught and sustainably farmed options from U.S. coasts, is free of antibiotics and additives, aligning with Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council standards.

As America’s butcher, Good Chop prioritizes local sourcing to reduce pollution and support local economies, embodying sustainable and humane farming practices. They avoid artificial ingredients, growth promotants, and preservatives, delivering naturally processed, high-quality meat and seafood.

Availability & Shipping

They deliver to the majority of continental U.S. – I’ve contacted Good Chop for clarity on this and will update when they respond.

Shipping is charged at a standard rate of $9.99.

Key Benefits

  • Enticing first order incentives
  • Ethical Meat Delivery Service
  • Variety of High-Quality Cuts
  • Convenience and Value
  • Humanely Raised Meat
  • Sourced from High-Welfare Regions
  • Sustainable Farming Methods
  • Sustainably Harvested Seafood
  • Support for Family Farms
  • Committed to Fair Labor Practices
  • Supports Animal Welfare and Environmental Sustainability
my take

Appeals to those who support American family farms and want antibiotic-free meats. Offers a good range but is limited to U.S. sources and slightly pricier.

8. Moink

Moink, founded by farmers, specializes in delivering ethical meat boxes directly to customers, emphasizing a connection with high-quality, humanely raised, and ethically sourced meat from small family farms.

Their diverse selection includes wild-caught salmon, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture-raised pork, lamb, and chicken. Committed to ethical practices, Moink’s products are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO grains, and unnecessary additives.

Central to Moink’s mission is the support and advocacy for small family farms, championing a level playing field in agriculture and opposing government subsidies to large agricultural corporations. They stress the importance of choosing products raised in holistic and biodynamic ways, rejecting meat from feedlots and confinement buildings.

Moink’s animal rearing practices prioritize outdoor, pasture-based environments for land animals and natural, stress-free conditions for wild-caught seafood. The company’s ethos is to maintain a pure, sustainable food system for future generations.

Offering customizable boxes with free shipping across the lower 48 states and Washington, D.C., Moink packages its products in 100% recyclable materials, ensuring freshness upon arrival. By choosing Moink, customers support a movement that values ethical farming, sustainability, and the essential role of small family farms.

Availability & Shipping

Moink delivers to 48 states and shipping is completely free.

Key Benefits

  • Ethically Sourced Meat
  • Diverse Selection
  • Free from Unwanted Additives
  • Support for Small Family Farms
  • Natural Animal Rearing
  • Promotes Sustainable Agriculture
  • Customizable Boxes with Free Shipping
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Direct Connection with Farmers
my take

A strong choice for supporters of small family farms and ethical meat production. Offers a good variety, but customization and availability may be limited.

9. Thousand Hills

Founded in 2003, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed is a pioneer in regenerative agriculture, dedicated to enriching soil fertility, biodiversity, and creating a sustainable ecosystem through holistic grazing practices.

This mission is centered on producing nutritious 100% Grass Fed Beef while nurturing the soil, plants, cattle, and communities.

Owned by Matt Maier, who transitioned his family farm in Clearwater, MN, into one of the 13 North American Savory Institute Hubs, Thousand Hills showcases advanced regenerative grazing practices.

The farm combats the harmful effects of monoculture cropping by transforming local lands into diverse grasslands for grazing, initiating soil regeneration.

Thousand Hills collaborates with 50 U.S. family large and small farms across the Midwest, Northeast, and West, collectively known as Regenerative Renegades, impacting over 600,000 acres. These farms are dedicated to land regeneration and producing nutrient-dense beef.

Thousand Hills’ approach links the health of the nation and land to sustainable agricultural practices. They commit to never using grain by-products, artificial hormones, antibiotics, feedlots, or GMOs, emphasizing natural farming methods.

By joining Thousand Hills, customers support the Regenerative Renegades mission, prioritizing land health, people’s well-being, and producing quality, sustainable beef.

Availability & Shipping

Delivery locations to be confirmed – I will update this once they have advised.

Free delivery on orders over $249.

Key Benefits

  • Regenerative Agriculture Focus
  • Nutritious 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Creation
  • Collaboration with Family Farms
  • Holistic Farming Practices
  • Combatting Monoculture Cropping
  • Health-Conscious Approach
  • No Harmful Additives
  • Support for Soil Regeneration
my take

Ideal for advocates of regenerative agriculture. Specializes in grass-fed beef with a strong environmental ethos, though mainly beef-focused and slightly pricier.

The Importance of 100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb

When it comes to quality meat, the debate often revolves around the diet of the animals. 100% grass-fed beef and lamb stand out for their exceptional nutritional profile and taste.

These meats are not just a cut above the rest; they’re a whole different breed. Grass-fed meats are known for their leaner composition, higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and a more nuanced flavor profile compared to their grain-fed counterparts.

These benefits stem from the natural diet of the animals, grazing on grass, which significantly impacts the quality of the meat.

Grass-finished vs Grain-finished

In the journey from pasture to plate, how cattle are finished plays a crucial role in the quality of the meat. Grass-finished animals are raised on a grass diet until slaughter, while grain-finished ones are switched to a grain-based diet for faster growth.

This change in diet impacts everything from the nutritional content to the flavor of the meat. To understand the nuances of this process and how it affects your meat’s taste and health benefits, explore my in-depth discussion on grass-finished versus grain-finished beef.

Grass-fed vs Grain-fed

The debate between grass-fed and grain-fed beef delves into not just taste, but also ethical and environmental considerations. While grain-fed beef is often praised for its tenderness and marbling, grass-fed beef is championed for its potential health benefits and lower environmental footprint.

Each type has its unique farming practices and impacts on animal welfare and sustainability. For a comprehensive breakdown of these differences and guidance on making the best choice for your health and taste buds, take a look at my detailed analysis.

Should You Look For An Organic Meat Delivery Service?

Choosing an organic meat delivery service involves health, environmental, and ethical factors. Organic meat is raised without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed, and with humane treatment. It’s richer in omega-3s, antioxidants, and CLA, reducing foodborne illness risks.

However, “organic” doesn’t always mean 100% grass-fed, as USDA certification requires only 30% grass in cattle’s diet. High-quality grass-fed meats may not always be organic, focusing more on a grass-based diet than organic certification. While costlier, organic meat supports animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

To learn more about the intricacies of organic meat, including its benefits and the darker side of the industry, explore our detailed post on organic meat. This insight will help you navigate the meat aisles with confidence and align your choices with your personal values and dietary needs.

Fresh or Frozen? Does it Matter?

The fresh versus frozen debate is a hot topic in the world of meat lovers. Does it make a difference? Absolutely, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

The fresh vs. frozen meat debate hinges on texture and flavor. Fresh meat is known for its tenderness and natural moisture, offering a nuanced flavor. Freezing meat can alter its molecular structure, potentially affecting texture.

However, rapid freezing and proper thawing can preserve its quality, making frozen meat almost on par with fresh in taste and texture. The difference lies in how the meat is handled before and after freezing.

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted My Research

When diving into the meaty world of grass-fed and grass-finished meats, I channeled my inner detective to scrutinize companies like ButcherBox, Crowd Cow, and White Oak Pastures.

My mission? To uncover who really walks the talk in terms of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and animal welfare. Poring over websites, sifting through customer reviews, and digesting industry reports, I pieced together the big picture for each contender, including Pre Brands, Good Chop, Moink, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, Silver Fern Farms, and Market House.

It wasn’t just about who had the grassiest grass-fed beef; I wanted to see who balanced quality, ethics, and environmental friendliness with a dash of consumer convenience. Think of this as your guide crafted by someone who loves a good ribeye steak as much as a good story.


All of the companies I’ve included above that provide meat subscription services are worthy of your consideration. They all supply high-quality meat and fresh seafood that’s responsibly sourced.

Whether you’re looking to curate your own custom box or select a meat box that’s curated for you. Perhaps you’re looking for lots of meat options with a mixed box or a simple beef box.

You can choose from regenerative farming suppliers such as White Oak Pastures and Thousand Hills which are doing all they can to be harmonious to the earth.

Or, the convenient meat subscription services such as ButcherBox and Crowd Cow that combine high-quality produce and slick, easy-to-use, websites.

Whatever your preference, I hope that you’ve found the best meat delivery subscription box for you where you can get restaurant-quality meat, and gone are the days of buying inferior meat from local grocery stores.

If there are any suppliers you use and swear by that are not on my list, please let me know. This list is a working progress and I’ll be updating it regularly.

That’s it… have a nutritious day!

FAQs: Best Meat Subscription Box

Are meat subscriptions worth it?

Meat subscriptions are worth it for convenience, variety, and access to high-quality, ethically sourced meats like grass-fed beef and free-range organic chicken.

What is the best meat company to order from?

The best meat company varies by preference, but ButcherBox is highly regarded for its quality, variety, and ethical sourcing practices.

What is the cheapest meat delivery service?

The cheapest meat delivery service depends on selection and location, but Good Chop often offers competitive pricing with a focus on quality.

What does ButcherBox cost a month?

ButcherBox costs vary based on the box size and selection, typically ranging from $129 to $270 per month.

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